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Review of Tradebit's New Subdomains - Create Online Store in Seconds

I make no secret of the fact that I am an independent Tradebit affiliate. I have been making a living from this for several years, and of all the commission-based affiliate programs I have used (and I have used a lot), Tradebit offers the best commission (up to a whopping 85%), the most flexibility, lots of useful tools and free membership.

What do affiliates do?

If you don't already know what an affiliate is, it basically means someone who draws traffic to products that are sold online, usually by other merchants. Affiliates target potential buyers using their own website and marketing campaigns, and direct them to the merchant site using a tracking code. All sales are logged against that affiliate, who receives a payout at the end of the month.

For more info on becoming an affiliate, check out this video that shows you how easy it is to get started.

Major Update to the Tradebit Platform

Tradebit have recently completely revamped their merchant online stores, or subdomains as they call them. What does this mean for affiliates and merchants who use the Tradebit platform? Well, for starters, every subdomain now looks great, even if the merchant has not yet taken advantage of the new features and taken the time to customize their online store.

Adam Gussow, a respected blues harmonica player/tutor and long time Tradebit merchant, has already taken advantage of the new subdomain capabilities

To give you a bit of history, last year, Tradebit revamped its front end - where all products available on the platform are categorized, organized and promoted - to help casual visitors find the downloads they are looking for. This was a major update and brought the platform up to date in terms of what is expected from a digital goods platform, as well as bringing order to the millions of downloads that are on sale at any given time on Tradebit. However, the updates to the front-end had the effect of leaving the individual merchant subdomains looking a little... clunky and out of date.

I guess Ralf and his team must have realized this, as they have clearly spent a lot of time aligning the merchant subdomains with last year's front-end overhaul. Improved subdomains means increased buyer confidence - and more sales - which is great news for merchants and affiliates.

The subdomains are also of particular importance for merchants that don't have their own websites and are unable to make use of the Tradebit widgets and buttons, which can be easily added to any web page by copying and pasting a snippet of provided code. Now, immediately after signing up to Tradebit - for free - merchants automatically get their own online store, which can be heavily customized and personalized.

As always, uploading digital products to Tradebit is a breeze and items are ready to sell on the internet within minutes - either via the subdomain shop front, the central Tradebit catalog or by using the merchant/affiliate tools offered by the platform, such as pre-built, customizable buttons and widgets.

What customization possibilities do the new Tradebit subdomains offer?

There are now a plethora of settings that allow Tradebit merchants to completely modify the appearance of their subdomain, so that they can reduce any generic aspects and really make them stand out as unique online stores.

Apart from the URL (which contains "tradebit", since it is a subdomain), each merchant area can be made to look completely separate from the Tradebit platform. Pages can be built entirely using a familiar WordPress-style editor (no knowledge of HTML is needed), and there are additional options for adding custom logos and headers. Merchants can choose from a range of very different themes, and there are also mobile-optimized themes available - which means subdomains can be made to look and function great on smartphones and feature phones.

The full list of customization options offered by the new Tradebit subdomains are as follows:

  • Header image logo - switch the default logo over for your own company logo
  • Banner image- add a banner image that defines and communicates your company or product
  • Slogan text - just like WordPress, add a punchy catchphrase here to draw visitors in
  • Rich Editor page builder - add text, images, embedded video, hyperlinks to each page, easily
  • Wide selection of themes to choose from, including mobile-friendly ones. Pick one which best suits your brand and target market
All of this customization can be done with just a few clicks. The Tradebit team have really focused on usability here, and it shows. I think that even my Grandma could get to grips with this quickly.

Tradebit resells millions of eBooks from Ingram Digital, and these are all available through the eBook-Reader subdomain


This is a major step forward for Tradebit, one that offers huge value for its merchants. As an affiliate, I mostly use the provided buttons and widgets to promote others digital downloads, but I had a play around with my own subdomain and was able to get it looking like a competitive, current, professional online store in around an hour.

The merchant shop fronts are of great significance. Until now, these were visually a weak point for the platform - but this major upgrade brings every Tradebit merchant area (which is literally tens of thousands of stores) into the modern web age, in terms of aesthetics and usability.

Combined with a proven backbone - a reliable, fast platform, which offers a multitude of tools and flexibility - Tradebit has now very cleverly positioned itself as a market leader in the digital goods open marketplace. I think big things are happening with this company and I firmly believe this is the service to use, whether you are a buyer looking for great deals on digital downloads, or a seller/marketer looking for the very best high commission affiliate programs.

Get started here.

Disclaimer: I am a Tradebit affiliate, which means I receive a commission for sales I generate, but I have not been paid by Tradebit to write this article. My partners are Tradebit merchants, whom this upgrade directly affects: therefore, it is in my interest to spread the word and increase the number of potential sellers with whom I can work with in the future.

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